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Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place during the time after the cats in the books existed.
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 Basic Rules

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Basic Rules Empty
PostSubject: Basic Rules   Basic Rules I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 08, 2010 11:44 am

1. No harrassment to ANYONE

2. No swear words. You may say mouse-brain, fox-dung, mouse-dung, etc.

3. Follow the Warrior Code in rp (unless you have permission to break a rule)

4. NO killing cats without other's permission

5. No godmoding

6. Three cats only (unless you have kits.. then you can either rp them, or ask another player to be them.. or unless ur an admin xD)

7. Don't just join to join.. join to rp and have fun. Accounts that aren't used will be deleted

8. No force mating. Please ask for permission through pm, please


10. Keep your Cat's health as I kept it! But PLEASE, PLEASE bring it down to whatever number.. example: swipe: 3 you will have to bring down your health by 3

11. Kits are only allowed to battle with 'Bite' and 'Swipe' only!! If I catch you using anything else, we're gonna have a LOOOONG talk.

12. Apprentices know only the following moves: Swipe, Bite, Defend, and Body Tackle.

13. Don't post in anything over a month old.

14. Don't post until your Cat Creation AND Clan Selection are Approved! Very Happy

15. Along with rule 6, you may own 7 cats in total (you may NOT make their creation if you adopted dumped characters. they MUST be born as kits.. or adopted from the dump.. like i said Very Happy .3.) (P.S. DON'T EXCEED THE LIMIT!! XD)

16. When doing your creation, where it says: 'Have you read the basic rules?:' type in: 'YAY CW!!'

17. Have fun!


Kit- 10
App- 20
Warrior- 70
Deputy- 80
Leader- 100
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Basic Rules
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